Floralies (2022)

Floralies 2022

floralies 2022 blegian

A flower event in the city of Ghent

Every 4 year Ghent organises a plant show called ‘The Floralies’. The edition of 2022 chimes with the Van Eyck year 2020-2021.

The Medieval Altarpiece ‘The Lamb of God’ by the Van Eyck brothers was the source of inspiration for all exhibitors, including BOWECO.

More than 250 growers from Belgium andforeing countries showed their top products in a 5000m² event hall, at the Citadel park in Ghent. At least 75.000 visitors attended the show during this 10-day event. The growers of Wetteren region joined hands in setting up a collective stand.

Thanks to our years of expertise, excellent cooperation, and collaboration with a local artist we won 2 of the 5 awards, namely ‘Best Concept’ and ‘Most innovating Stand’.

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