Viburnum Shirogami

Viburnum Shirogami

Viburnum Shirogami


Viburnum plicatum or Japanese snowball is a deciduous ornamental shrub with bright red berries and pale pink to bright white flowers. The BEST-select varieties bloom densely compacted, which makes them extremely suitable for public garden borders or smaller gardens.


Viburnum plicatum Shirogami® is a pyramid-shaped shrub that can grow between 130 and 150 centimetres tall, almost twice the size of the other varieties in our range. This shrub has deep green leaves and bright white flowers in large flat flower clusters consisting of a ring of large sterile flowers surrounding small fertile inner flowers.

This viburnum variety flowers from May to early July and occasionally a second time in autumn. After the flowering period, decorative bright red berries appear that turn black after a couple of weeks. It is a very undemanding plant that requires very little care.

Viburnum Pinkawai


Viburnum is a hardy plant that prefers full sunlight or partial shade. It is not very demanding but prefers a well-drained, humus-rich, mildly acidic to neutral soil. Because of its compacted growth it hardly requires any pruning – it suffices to remove dead branches in springtime.

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