Roses Mel Bee

Roses Mel Bee

Mel bee


BEST-select roses offer you beautiful, strong growth in your garden without having to worry about damage, aphids or disease. Because these varieties are selected for their resistance and so deliver only the benefits of stunning garden roses.

Mel Bee

Mel Bee delights with its large, full clusters of dozens of pink flowers, blooming all summer long until late autumn. Because of its remarkable way of flowering and its continuous bloom, this rose is a true eye-catcher in any garden. A single one of its stems is a bouquet of small pink flowers in its own right. Mel Bee is a rose that grows vigorously and offers excellent disease resistance. It thrives in both tall garden borders and parks.

The ‘Mel’ in its name refers to the municipality of Melle, where Mel Bee was developed. The ‘Bee’ refers to the rose’s special allure for bumblebees and bees. The presence of countless bees and bumblebees gets these flowers buzzing, especially at the start of the flowering period. This makes Mel Bee a “bee”autifully bee-friendly rose.

mel bee

Strong qualities

  • Highly attractive to bees
  • Strong plants with continuous bloom
  • Large clusters of flowers
  • Very healthy plants


Mel Bee was awarded several prizes at international rose competitions:

  • Kortrijk 2016: golden medal

  • International Rose Competition of The Hague 2020: Certificate of 1st class

  • Concours international de roses nouvelles Bagatelle 2022 (Parijs): 1st place

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