6 Nurseries that produce the best quality nursery stock for more then 4 generations.

* The best quality

*at the best price

*delivered to your door
Our Team
Trees, conifers and shrubs at EU quality standards
Paul and Steyn Weymeersch
Weymeersch LV
Open ground production of young trees and shrubs.
Innovating varieties .
Grafting and budding is their specific skill.
15 ha production with high mechanisation. 
Hans De Neve
De Neve Boomkwekerijen
Pot grown shrubs and trees in a very wide range.
Also young plants.
Eric and Pieter Dhooghe
Dooghe Boomkwekerijen 
Pot grown and field grown production of evergreen shrubs, like Laurels and Viburnum.
Standard roses and syringa varieties.
Peter Rimbaut
Rimbaut  & sons bvba
The best quality for young trees like Carpinus, Fagus, Alnus, Betula, Tilia and Sorbus.
Jacques Rimbaut
Rimbaut & sons bvba

Freddy Rimbaut
Rimbaut & sons bvba
Also large shrubs in open ground and container for instant landscaping.
image-22435-IPM 2013.JPG?1436336446757
Jan Van Herreweghe
Willem Van Herreweghe bvba
Managing director .
Your contact for visits, technical advise, transport organisation, sales and follow up.